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Health Care Reform Expertise. Challenges. Options.

Health Care Reform is altering the Employee Benefits landscape into a reactive executive business strategy.

Many organizations have questions and are concerned about the unprecedented changes and uncertainties that the Affordable Care Act is bringing to the world of employee benefits. Health Care Reform issues will influence not only benefit plan costs, but the entire compensation structure as well.

Financial impacts, compliance, and the need for new benefits strategies have created an environment of confusion and urgency.

American Westbrook can help. We have Health Care Reform experts on staff to help you make sense of mandates and cost impacts, and to help you develop procedures that will assure compliance. Our benefits advisors’ guidance, combined with Affordable Care Act compliance tools and strategies, such as CHROME Compass, provide our clients with unmatched benefits management solutions.

CHROME Compass

CHROME Compass is one of our advanced compliance tools, that when coupled with the detailed action plans from our benefit experts, can help you identify the impact of Health Care Reform on compensation, your benefit plans and your total business.

The tool uses your SPECIFIC benefit data and employee profiles to assist our benefits team in the evaluation process, measuring financial outcomes, realigning your benefits for tax advantages and much, much more.

Answers for Your ACA Questions

American Westbrook, along with AssuredPartners, is dedicated to keeping employers informed as you navigate the ACA and its many challenges. Please visit the following resource pages for timely updates, answers to your most difficult questions and our webinar schedule:

Time is of the Essence

Whether you stand pat, slightly modify, or make significant changes to your benefits plans, Health Care Reform will impact your employees and your bottom line.

The longer you wait to implement effective countermeasures, the greater your exposure to increased costs. Don’t delay any longer. If you have a Health Care Reform Question, contact us immediately at ask our HCR expert!

Additional information is available below including a list of helpful terms and FAQs.

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