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    CHROME Compass Tool.

    Helps you to gauge ACA impact.

CHROME Compass

CHROME Compass is an advanced modeling tool that coupled with the detailed action plans from our American Westbrook benefit experts, can help you identify the impact of Health Care Reform on compensation, your benefit plans, and your total business.
The CHROME Compass tool uses your SPECIFIC benefit data and employee profiles to assist our benefits team in the evaluation process of Health Care Reform’s impact on your business and to help you:

  • Understand Health Care Reform and highlight tax penalties and implications
  • Weigh the value of model health programs
  • Measure the financial outcomes of new and existing mandates and strategic recommendations
  • Realign your benefits to maximize tax advantages
  • Set long range targets based on factual data specific to your company

With regulatory changes and requirements, our team will update your benefit game plan to help you reach your corporate goals for 2014 and beyond.

The Process

Data, specific to your company, is loaded into CHROME Compass along with your current benefit information to create several viable benefit models. Next, our seasoned benefits professionals explain the results and help you develop the benefit structures that will focus on reaching your corporate goals.

Our sophisticated reports monitor your results and help keep you on track. Continuous updating of legislative changes allows you to stay on course and is supported by bulletins from our legal counsel.

Whether you stand pat, slightly modify, or make significant changes to your benefits plans, Health Care Reform will impact your employees and your bottom line.

Time is of the Essence

The longer you wait to implement effective countermeasures, the greater your exposure to increased costs. Don’t delay any longer—call our benefits advisors at 800.894.9091 to ask questions and learn how we can help navigate you through the changing benefits world.

If you have a Health Care Reform Question, contact us immediately at ask our HCR expert!