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Reinventing Your Employee Benefits with Benergy

Benergy Enhanced is a human resource knowledge base that powers an employee communication portal. Discerning employers rely on the application to ensure an enlightening experience for employees who seek information or guidance on benefits, HR, health, wellness and personal planning matters. The Enhanced package boasts powerful functionality that makes the most of today’s Internet technology.

What It Does

Benergy Enhanced allows employers to create their ideal employee communication portal. It starts with the core communication tools found in Benergy Essential and enhances them with several invaluable features. Employers can brand the employee portal to meet corporate standards, supplement core knowledge with pre-developed educational content and personalize the view for each individual user.

What It Can Do For You

For the HR professional, the enhanced features empower employees with the information needed to learn, plan and make decisions. Benergy Enhanced will provide your employees with:

  • A tremendous breadth of benefits, HR and work/life information
  • An employer-branded web resource
  • Advanced education & interactivity modules
  • A personalized employee experience

HR and Benefits Communication Platform

All of the facts, forms and resources needed for effective employee communications have a home in Benergy.

Advanced Education and Interactivity

Enhance the interactivity and educational power of Benergy with tools that allow employees to become more informed about their life decisions in a dynamic, enjoyable way.