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Custom Fit – No Matter What Size

We provide our clients in Illinois and throughout the country with the very best individual health insurance options. We aim to drive down health care costs through market competition and choice.

The complexities of the individual health insurance marketplace are removed with our sophisticated technology platform, national carrier network and one-on-one customer support.

You will find the right health insurance plan through our Individual Health team and National Private Exchange--a plan that fits your needs, budget and tolerance for risk.

Our National Exchange Caters To Your Needs

Whether you are wondering what the average cost of individual health insurance is or its benefits, our dedicated Exchange professionals are here to answer your questions and help.

American Westbrook's National Private Exchange makes it easy for both individuals and groups to review several carrier options in minutes, and compare premiums and benefit plans. Our online application interfaces with national carriers.  

Get started now by calling our Exchange team at  877-MED-1111. Our individual consultants can also help you determine subsidy eligibility as well as show you how to apply a subsidy to a purchased policy on the government marketplace.