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    Your Vantage Point is Unique.

    And so are your risks.

No worries, we've got you covered.

Protecting your employees, assets and balance sheet. 

Empowering and Protecting Your Enterprise

Risk management is a disciplined approach. We work with you to identify, assess and prioritize risk—helping you avoid disruption, protect your balance sheet and drive strategy with greater confidence.

A risk management strategy can give you the confidence to pursue new opportunities competitors may shy away from or approach reluctantly. We'll help you realize that risk management can achieve the lowest total cost of risk and even increase profit through increased productivity.

Aligning Our Expertise and Resources

We match our advice and service to each client’s risk philosophy and goals. American Westbrook uses its knowledge and resources to implement practices that lead to safety, stability and future growth. Our regular risk management reviews and exposure analyses ensure that the plan we implement maintains pace with the changing dynamics of an organization for long-term financial viability and reputation control.

Since we have been working with American Westbrook, it comes down to one thing, customer service. They are knowledgeable, attentive and quick to handle any issues that may occur.

– Lakshmi, Computer Consulting

Cost Control. Evaluating Options. Monitoring.

We deliver numerous risk management services, including:

  • Risk management audits
  • Updating and validating risk data of existing risks
  • Monitoring risk exposure
  • Strategizing on minimizing collateral requirements and more.

We will offer recommendations and options for reducing your costs, transferring exposure and identifying potentially unfavorable contractual issues.

We also partner with these service providers as necessary:

  • Risk control, supply chain risk,
  • third party claims administrators, actuaries and captive managers.

Don't Wait. Your Risk Management Strategy is Here.

Contact Tony Pulgine now via email or at 630.571.6390 to discuss how a strategy and creative program  can provide loss control and financial stability for your business.

Empowering Nonprofits
PROTECTION FIRST understands the social services industry and partners with all types of nonprofit clients nationally. Our risk management strategies and solutions maximize your insurance savings, expand your coverages and allow you to spend time on your community and cause.

Employee Benefits
No matter what size your company, an effective employee benefits package attracts, retains and develops the talent you need.

Property and Casualty
As your operations grow, so do your risks. American Westbrook uses a consultative approach to risk management along with technical expertise to creatively design a comprehensive Property and Casualty program customized to your needs.